Whether you need a small plumbing repair or an entire new septic system, Schoen Plumbing is ready to tackle your job. We have a low hourly rate ($55.00). We provide free estimates, rock solid bids, and are willing to meet with you at your convience, including nights and weekends.

Updating your Kitchen or Bath?

We can help you on your project with layout advice and fixture selection.  Home project deadline?  Let us help you meet your goals.

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Real Estate Inspections

We will collect water and have a certified lab test water for:

  • Nitrates, Coliform, Hardness, pH, Lead and many other chemicals.

We will provide you with a thorough Inspection of a home's

  • Well System and Septic System.

Call to set up a time Monday thru Wednesday as this is when labs accept samples.

We will utilize the fastest shipping methods to get your testing done before closing deadlines!

Plumbing Licenses
Master Plumber RS #224246
Well Pump Installer #6769

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